There are many ways to consume a psilocybin magic mushroom dose. Although different methods share similar outcomes, they provide different experiences and effects. With each method of consumption, one should set an intention. Intentions enable the user to connect with the medicine and allow time for integration to truly benefit from its healing power. Mentioned in this article are the most common methods of consumption of psilocybin magic mushrooms. The following sections outline and discuss the varies forms of consuming psilocybin magic mushrooms. The methods explored in this article are Magic Mushroom Tea, Lemon Tek, Microdose Capsules, Magic Mushroom Edibles, Magic Mushroom Chocolate and Psilocybin Tinctures.


The first and most common, traditional form of consuming psilocybin magic mushrooms is in tea. Tea is great for consuming any type of dose (microdose – heroic dose). One of the benefits of consuming magic mushrooms in tea is that by ingesting liquid psilocybin, the body will absorb it directly into the bloodstream, skipping the digestive tract. This will provide quicker and stronger effects and is also great for avoiding the discomfort that comes along with eating raw dried mushrooms. One should feel little to no nausea as the body is not digesting the fungi. Individuals’ experience should be smooth and consistent. In the case that one does eat the mushroom after steeping it in hot tea, one may notice less discomfort due to the absorption of water from steeping in the tea.  This makes it easier for the stomach to break down and digest the fibres.

The method for consuming tea is simply boiling water and pouring about 1 cup into your mug. Add in the desired dose of magic mushrooms (ground up or whole) and let steep for about 20 minutes (the longer the better) to ensure most of the psilocybin has been extracted into the water. Finally, drink the tea and if desired, eat the mushrooms as well. Wait for the magic to begin.

NOTE: Flavour may not be pleasant. One can always sweeten tea with some honey or mix it with a favourite tea.


Similar to tea, Lemon Tek is becoming more recognized as a popular and effective way to consume magic mushrooms. The Lemon Tek method is great for maximum absorption of psilocybin while reducing any side effects. First, squeeze a fresh lemon into a cup (add a splash of warm water if desired) then grind up the preferred dose of magic mushrooms and add into the Lemon Tek mixture. Stir up all the ingredients and let sit for over 30 minutes to ensure the psilocybin gets extracted into the liquid (the longer the better). Drink the Lemon Tek and wait for the magic to happen. Lemon Tek provides an intense, powerful and pure experience as the lemon enzymes and vitamin C help the body absorb the psilocin quickly. The reason for this is that by soaking the magic mushrooms in lemon juice, an external acidic environment is already extracting and breaking down the psilocybin into psilocin. When ingested the body will absorb the psilocin right away. The Lemon Tek method ensures a faster and stronger onset of effects while still allowing a smooth experience as well as aids any gastric discomfort when consuming psilocybin magic mushrooms.

NOTE: Ensure the mushrooms are completely submerged in the lemon juice. Use a real lemon. Add honey or sweetener for taste if preferred (this is not necessary).


Another very popular method of consumption is microdose capsules. Capsules are great for consuming a microdose and provide dose consistency. Capsules consist of finely ground mushrooms. This facilitates the breakdown and absorption within the body. Depending on the individual’s metabolic rate, the timing of effects may vary. Capsules are great because when formulating the recipe, other herbal supplements can be added into the mix to create different effects. The synergy of psilocybin with other herbal remedies can be a very powerful combination when seeking tailored effects to the individual’s personal needs.

NOTE: Generally speaking capsules are a microdose; as only small quantities can fit within capsules. We do not advise a macrodose consumption with capsules.


What’s great about psilocybin is that it’s only form of consumption is oral, this means magic mushroom edibles are the perfect way to consume magic mushrooms. Whether it be gummies, chocolate, baked goods or candy, consuming magic mushroom edibles is one of our favourite methods. Consuming a dose in magic mushroom edibles provides consistency, ease for the body to break down/absorb and great taste! In magic mushroom edibles the mushrooms have been ground up or made into a tincture, therefore, they bond better with the sugar and nutrients. The body will readily absorb the psilocybin with decreased effects of nausea and gastric discomfort. Of course, our favourite edible combination with psilocybin magic mushrooms is chocolate. The synergy between these two superfoods is like no other. For more information on the amazing benefits or psilocybin magic mushrooms and chocolate, check out Stem’s Aztec Combo Article.


Last but not least, psilocybin tinctures are a great, pure way to consume psilocybin magic mushrooms. This method is a very concentrated form of extracted psilocybin. What’s great about tinctures is that its benefits are similar to a combination of magic mushroom tea and capsules. Similar to the tea because the liquid psilocybin tincture absorbs right into the blood stream skipping the digestive tract, aiding in less nausea and discomfort. Tinctures can also be formulated by extracting other herbs as well, so potentially like capsules, a blend of different herbal remedies can foster for a more powerful experience with other healing benefits.

Regardless when choosing a method of consumption, it is important to consider your desired dose and for what the occasion may be. Everyone is different and psilocybin is not one size fits all. There are many variables and external factors to consider each time one intends to consume a dose of psilocybin magic mushrooms. For higher doses we recommend tea or magic mushroom edibles, and for a microdose we recommend stem2 chocolate or capsules. Magic mushroom chocolate is the perfect in between. One can microdose mushroom chocolate by dividing it into pieces or can eat as much as they like.

It is important to remember that when consuming psilocybin magic mushrooms, one must set an intention. Setting an intention allows one to connect with the substance and the benefits of magic mushrooms; this is all part of the work for the healing and integration process. Elevate your microdose, change your mindset and keep growing!

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